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Sowing Useful Truths

for wind ensemble
Duration: 6'

Commissioned by:
Boston University Tanglewood Institute

2Picc, 2Fl, Ob, EHn, EbClar, 3Clar, BClar, 2Bsn, CBsn, SSax, ASax, TSax, BSax, 4CTrpt, 4Hn, 2Trb, BTrb, Euph, Tba, Cb, Pno/Kybd, Timp, 6Perc (Crot/ Glock/ Xylo/ Vibr/ Mar/ TubBells/ Tri/ T-T/ SusCym/ SplCym/ CrCym/ Hi-H/ BD/ BrDr/ SnDr/ 4Tom-T/ Cnga/ 2Bngs/ Cast/ Tamb/ 2WBl/ TBl/ Shkr/ Whip)

Parts available for hire.

Score available for sale from OK Feel Good Music.

In 1802 Thomas Jefferson noted to his Attorney General that he considered letters to his constituents a decent opportunity for "sowing useful truths & principles among the people, which might germinate and become rooted among their political tenets." This always struck me as exactly what all artists do: "seeding" the world with expressions of personal Truth, and very much hoping they take "root". To that end, this work proclaims my own musical Principles, celebrating the elements of counterpoint, color, groove, and style I consider undeniable, and True. Sowing Useful Truths was commissioned by my alma mater, the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Young Artists Wind Ensemble.

World Premiere: July 30, 2010, Seiji Ozawa Hall, Tanglewood MA, H. Robert Reynolds conducting

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Shenandoah Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Armstrong Concert Hall, Shenandoah Conservatory, Conductor: Tim Robblee - Dec 05 2015

University of Texas Wind Symphony, Bates Recital Hall, University of Texas, Austin, TX, Conductor: Robert Carnochan - Feb 25 2015

The Florida State University Wind Orchestra, Ruby Diamond Concert Hall, Tallahassee, FL, Richard Clary, conductor [transcription WORLD PREMIERE] - Apr 15 2013