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Avenue X

for wind band
Duration: 7'

Commissioned by:
*Addison Trail High School, Mark Corey, Director
Batavia High School, John Heath and David Lesniak, Dir.
Glenbard South High School, Brian Dewald, Dir.
Marmion Academy, Stephen Thurlow, Dir.
Naperville Central High School, DJ Alstadt and Scott Silder, Dir.
Neuqua Valley High School, Charles Staley, Dpt. Chair
Oswego High School, Margene Pappas, Dir.
Oswego East High School, Brad Leeb, Dir.
Plainfield South High School, Jerrod Cook, Dir.
St. Charles East High School, Jim Kull, Gil Wukitsch, Michele Suddith, Dirs.
St. Charles North High School, Jim Stombres, Dir.
Waubonsie Valley High School, Matt Temple and Josh Chodoroff, Dirs.
Willowbrook High School, William Gilmer, Dir.

Picc, 3Fl, Ob, Bsn, 3Clar, BClar, CbClar(opt), 2ASax, TSax, BSax, 3Trpt, 2Hn, 2Trb, BTrb, Euph, Tba, Timp, 6Perc (Glock/ HWBl/ Ratch/ Mar/ Bngo/ Piatti/ Hi-h/ SplashCym/ RideCym/ SuspCym/ Flex/ Xyl/ Tri/ LWBl/ Vibr/ Siren/ BD/ 3Tom-t/ Clav/ SWhis)

Parts available for hire.

Score available for sale from OK Feel Good Music.

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AVENUE X derives its title from my neighborhood subway line, and its labeled final destination: "Ave X". As I reside on Avenue C (and the highest letter in Manhattan itself is D), this always seemed a fantastic and otherworldly location to me. Turns out it's in a pretty trippy place anyway: Brooklyn's Coney Island -- home of an ancient and creaking wooden roller coaster (frightening only because of the fear of the entire structure collapsing at any moment), the country's last existing "side show", and of course (my favorite), the Nathan's Famous annual hot-dog eating contest. The piece is a journey there of sorts ... via a pentatonic blues progression and driving bass power chords more appropriate to a metal "hair" rock band chart-topper, AVENUE X takes a convoluted path of dreams, subways, roller coasters, freak shows, and edge-of-the-world fantasies.

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Recorded on:


Arrowhead Union High School Wind Ensemble, Arrowhead Union High School, Hartland, WI, Conductor: Jacob Polancich - May 19 2016

Texas Tech University Concert Band, Hemmle Hall, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, Conductor: Duane Hill - May 02 2016

Georgia State University Wind Orchestra, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, Conductor: Dr. Chester B. PhillipsGraduate Conductor: Lanae Dickstein - Feb 16 2016