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Climbing Parnassus

for wind ensemble
Duration: 9'

Commissioned by:
Kawasaki Univ. of Medical Welfare "Heartful Winds"—Toshiya IWATA, conductor
Nagoya Wind Symphony—Mamoru NAKATA, conductor
Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
Wind Ensemble KANADE—Kotai YO, conductor

for the 2008 Japan Wind Ensemble Conductors Conference, Kurashiki, Japan

2Fl, AFl, Ob, EHn, 4Cl, BCl, CbCl, Bsn, SSax, ASax, TSax, BSax, PiccTpt, 2Tpt, Flglhn, 2Hn, 2Trb, Euph, Tba, Cb, 5Perc (bowCrot / bowMar / bowVibr / 2HBells)

Parts available for hire.

Score available for sale from OK Feel Good Music.

In Aeschulus, Creon speaks of "the double peaks of snow-clad Parnassus"—the ancient site of the Oracle of Delphi, and the mountain most sacred to Apollo. As the home of The Muses, Parnassus is the spiritual source of music, poetry, and art. Centuries ago, when Greek and Latin were an integral part of a Western education, the phrase "Climbing Parnassus" meant the pursuit of a career as a poet, writer, composer, or artist. Dreamlike and spacious, Climbing Parnassus presents an imagined chorale fragment, ascending and transforming through an expanse of sound.

World Premiere 3/16/08, Kurashiki, Japan - Atsuhisa KONDO, conductor.

Download program note.

Recorded on:


Chicago College of the Performing Arts Wind Ensemble, Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, Conductor: Steve Squires - Sep 29 2016

Temple University Wind Symphony, Temple Performing Arts Center, Philadelphia PA, Emily Threinen, conductor - Apr 27 2012

Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare Wind Orchestra "Heartful Winds", Ford Center for the Performing Arts at Ole Miss, Oxford, MS, CBDNA Southern Regional Conference - Feb 26 2010